Get in The Best Shape of Your Life... Fast!
The Total Body Workout System!
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
ab doer
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The Ultimate Fitness Product
Burn More Calories in Less Time!
  • Combine cycling with a complete upper body workout
  • Tightens and tones your entire body
  • 2 position frame to mix up your workout routines
  • Saves you money
  • Guaranteed results
Get The Fit, Lean Body You've Always Wanted!
Biceps, Shoulders, Abs, Legs, Back, Butt, Thighs and Core
Three Calorie Burning Exercise Positions
Recumbent Mode
Stretch legs & thighs
Upright Mode
Tightens thighs & butt
Full-Body Mode
Full body & cardio workout

Real People, Real Results!
Perfect For Beginners & Advanced!
"I love the fact that I can do my upper body-work out and get a cardio work out in at the same time, is fantastic!!"
- Nick
"I got my total body workout in, in a very short period of time & in 8 weeks I saw the difference. To me that means effective!"
- Carol
"It’s a great workout! I can feel my whole body working out. My heart was pumping my muscles were getting contracted. Definitely felt it in the legs & the upper body."
- Tommaso Sanna
The Total Body Workout Designed To Get You in The Best Shape of Your Life!
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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Full Price £229.96 + £5.99 P&P